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Frequently  Asked Questions

How long have you been in business?
-Over 17 years in the cleaning industry

Are you insured and bonded?
-You bet, we carry well over the industry standard to make sure both parties are safe.

What types of payments do you accept?
-We accept all major credit cards, checks and cash.

Are your employees trained before they go out on a job? 
-We have a very intense training program set into place for all new employees that includes in office training, book training, video training, in field training and finally after about 5-7 weeks they will take a final test that will go over everything they have learned, and they must pass this test with a 95% or higher. Once they have passed their final test,  they will spend the next month as an assistant cleaning technician with a seasoned cleaning technician right by their side.

After that, as long as our upper management feels like our employee is ready would we then let them start cleaning on their own. Rest assured they are still being monitored by upper management constantly.

How are complaints handled?
-We will do whatever it takes to make sure every client is extremely happy with our service. We are building our business on a solid reputation and the only way to make this work is by making sure the client is happy with our service no matter what. We are so grateful just to get the chance to prove ourselves to you that we would never dream of giving you anything less than perfection.

How is your pricing compared to other companies?
We are usually about 30% higher than most other companies. A lot of different factors play into this. If you are looking for the best price than we definitely are not the company you are looking for.
When we give you a bid or a price we are giving you the best price we can to do the job correctly and to make sure you are happy. What most people don’t realize is when you get a bid from a cleaning service company 95% of that bid is labor the rest is product insurances etc. etc. When you go with the cheapest company you are getting less labor to do the job correctly this is why a lot of people have had bad experiences with cleaning companies. It's a simple equation.  Below is a quick sample:

this is just an example and is not truly priced
This makes the client unhappy because the job is unsatisfactory.

1000 Sq ft. area takes one hour to clean correctly and make the client happy. This is going to cost the cleaning company approx. $100 to clean and make a small profit.
Bella Cleaning Services bid is $100.00
Cleaning company ABC bid is $70.00

The only way that cleaning company ABC can make a profit on this is if he has his crew cut corners and clean the area in less than an hour. This makes the client angry because the job doesn’t look good.

Bella Cleaning Services is not in the business to rip off our clients when we give you a bid. We make the same amount of money as the other cleaning service companies out there we just price the job to clean it correctly and make our clients happy.

Can I talk directly with the CEO of the company if there is a problem?
-Absolutely, he wouldn’t have it any other way. When you call our office just ask for Brett Halley and let them know that you are unhappy with a certain issue, they will give you his personal cell phone. They will not ask you what the problem is so you don't have to worry about explaining things twice. “That’s the worst, we hate that too”

What if Brett Halley is on vacation or out of town? Do we have to wait until he gets back to fix a problem??
-Definitely not. You will be given our regional supervisor/COO Brandon Casper's personal cell phone number and he will take care of the problem immediately. Brett Halley will also touch base with you when he gets back to make sure you are happy and the problem was fixed.-

I’m interested in working for your company, what should I do?
-There is an employment part to our website where you can go and complete our online application form that will be sent to our Human Resources department.-


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We do whatever it takes to make our clients happy and to make sure the job comes out perfect every time. What price do you put on truly superior service and peace of mind?


“I would never dream of using anybody else for my cleaning needs”
-C.Castle-(Happy client)