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Meet Our Team 


The Halley Family - Brett & Nichole, Chad and Sydnie

Brett & Nichole, husband & wife and co-owners of Bella Cleaning Services, began their first business venture in the summer of 1998 in San Diego, California.  They were co-owners of a Chem-Dry franchise in the North County, area. After two successful years their desire to be closer to family & friends was strong enough to bring them "back to their roots" --California's Central Coast.

In 2000, they purchased a Heaven's Best Carpet Cleaning franchise and once again began growing another business, this time branching into the area of janitorial cleaning as well as daytime residential and commercial carpet cleaning.  After several years the couple realized that janitorial was the area they wanted to pursue thus, Bella Cleaning Services was born.

As CEO, the entrepreneurial spirit runs deep in Brett's family history; dating back several generations.  Throughout the years several opportunities have sparked his interest from flipping real estate to leashing out portions of their business to mentoring other entrepreneurs in their own journey, all of which he counts as successes but more so, invaluable learning experiences.  His passion for, as he calls it, "his hobby" is reflected in his tremendous work ethic as well as his perpetual devotion to his family, friends and employees.

As the parents of two children, Chad and Sydnie, Brett & Nichole realize the importance of hard work, yet they always manage to keep a firm grasp on the value of family.

"Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life." - Confucius.

The best in janitorial service starts with the best team... 

Itís important to understand that 90% of a janitorial bid is based on labor costs. So it goes to follow that the cheapest labor will typically get you sub par results.

Bella Cleaning Services

  • carefully screens each applicant

  • offers very competitive wages

  • promotes a culture of pride and teamwork.

As a result, we have successfully developed and retained an experienced top-notch crew that strives daily to be the best at what they do.

Retaining an experienced crew enables us to build lasting relationships with our clients which is why we do better at understanding and meeting individual client expectations and needs.



Bella Cleaning Services and the Environment 

We firmly believe that environmental stewardship begins with and is the responsibility of each of us

  • New client accounts without an active recycling program are set up by us with cans, bins, and paper products

  • We use safe effective products and green whenever possible

  • Vacuums used in client accounts have 2 stage HEPA filtration systems to aid in Air Quality

  • Cleaning and paper products used and provided by Bella Cleaning services are purchased locally

  • Equipment used for cleaning is state of the art and maintained in good working order


Awards and Recognitions 




California Commitment to Excellence Award for going above and beyond the call of duty

Operator of the Year Award for outstanding achievement

Outstanding Service Award for Award Winning Service in California

Outstanding Service Award for Award Winning Service in California

Outstanding Service Award for Award Winning Service in California

Outstanding Service Award for Award Winning Service in California





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